UniWay Co.is an electronic goods and services company established in accordance with the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in year 2019 and has a registered office at Eske - Cesar Resort. The company's Digikktc store is a broker in the online marketplace and is currently limited to online services aimed at advertising, displaying and selling products.

Currently Consumer Products:


Computers & Computer Supplies

Mobile & Mobile Accessories

Digikktc emphasizes on providing quality and desirable after-sales service to its customers in addition to offering pre-service while registering and paying for an order, and focuses on respecting and respecting the values ​​of a purchase based on its activity and interaction with customers. Real knows from the buyer. Simple but fundamental values, guiding, effective and respectful.

Dear members and visitors can submit their comments, criticisms and suggestions through Digikktc website communication channels or ask for help with issues related to website activity.